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I know I haven't posted here in a LONG time.

I regret that, really I do. I just got busy with a lot of other things, I guess.

Well, today was a long day. I didn't have any classes, and to be honest I didn't get all that much homework done either. I DID manage to finish Robert Jordan's _The Great Hunt_ and really loved the ending. I'm starting the third wheel of time book now. I can't believe I put off reading that series for so long. I think part of it is that I remember being overwhelmed by the size of the books when they hit my local library when I was only eleven or twelve years old. Also, I tend to prefer sci-fi to fantasy, generally speaking.

I just decided to post here because I stumbled over the journal of someone I didn't even know had one and it got me thinking about the site again.

That, and I can't seem to sleep at all tonight - I'm not even sure why! It's getting pretty annoying... hopefully I'll be able to grab at least 3-4 hours, which can usually hold me for a little while.

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