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School, life and everything - Nathan

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October 6th, 2006

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08:22 pm - School, life and everything
Hmm, well, I'm having a pretty good quarter so far. Looks like I'm headed for an A in my only class, and I am moving (rather slowly) closer to actually writing my thesis proposal. Hmm, and spending a lot of time gaming, and reading... though not that much exercising. Thanks to Em for suggesting Feist's Riftwar series, btw, I'm starting from the beginning agian, and I think I'll end up reading it and the sequels. I bought all of the main series in paperback that I didn't already have... The four Riftwar books, the Empire books, the Riftwar Legacy, and the Serpentwar books... and it looks like I should get Krondor's Sons, too, since they fit in the series, which I hadn't realized. This is another weird ongoing issue for me, I have too many books. Not that I buy more than I can afford, but that I have little room in my bedroom, and tend to buy them faster than I actually read them - especially since I do spend too much time gaming....

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