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December 14th, 2006

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07:27 pm - Life n stuff
Bored, done with classes now, just have my thesis to do. WHY can I not seem to start tasks that I'm not confident of getting done at one sitting? I mean, I have gotten some stuff done, but not that much.

Hmm, and I need to scan in the pictures my sister took, so I can add a newer picture on here. The one I have now is from when I wore glasses, so at least 3-4 years old. I have funky eyes - one is farsighted, the other is nearsighted - so I just suppress the vision of the one I'm not using. My mom is the same way, and she can drive and function fine without glasses (though she does wear them to drive, she doesn't have a stipulation on her license), and she's, well, let's just say she turned 35 a month or so after I was born.

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