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I just had, if not the most embarassing moment of my life (which I'm fairly sure it wasn't), not that far from it.

As some background, I live in an on-campus apartment. I have a studio, and it's fairly nice - I'm happy - but it means my neighbors are, well, students. So right now, I'm doing laundry, and had been coming in and out a lot to move it along (which also means start the washer filling before I put the detergent in, since this detergent has a bleach alternative, and I think is responsible for some bleach stains I had earlier... but hat's a differetn rant, and it behaves nicely as long as it's not poured directly over clothes, which is why I keep using it).

So anyhow, I wanted to wash everything (so I could put it off longer later, lazy student, yeah), and as such I'm in my summer PJs, which for me means boxers and t-shirt. So somehow my habit of locking the door when I leave got triggered, and I managed to lock myself out. So, I went to the apartment office to get let back in. To do this, I had to walk, in the aforementioned summer PJs, in the rain and temps in the high fifties, barefoot,
(20:40:30) pakaran42: so i had to walk, in the rain, and probably about 50 out, a quarter mile to the apartment office building (it's a fairly big complex - 15 buildings, and probably 15 or 16 units in each).

The person at the desk was a girl, who looked (and may well have been) younger than me. She didn't seem phased at all, and I'm certain I'm not the first person to manage to get locked out. So yeah, I had to walk another quarter mile back, barefoot in the rain, to get let in. And my feet are just now starting to feel warm agian. So not as much embarassing as... really awkward.

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