September 1st, 2003

*Yawns, stretches, updates journal*

Hi folks,

I know I haven't been on here in awhile. I'm having a fairly good semester, though I'm a little tired, due to trying to get off caffeine pills. I'll live though. Having a head cold doesn't help :(.

What else... I'm reading the Illuminatus Trilogy - which is REALLY funny. Not ha-ha funny - but if you know history, or pop culture (as it existed a decade before my birth) it's quite amusing.

I wonder if the President is under the control of the Illiterati?

In other news - I'm ahead on my reading for all my classes! I may actually have something resembling a good semester! *bounces*

Will try to post some more now...
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Prime numbers...

Just posted a message to the primenumbers@yahoogroups list I co-moderate finishing an explanation of some of the things it seems every newbie asks about. I wonder if this can turn into an actual FAQ - as far as I know we don't have one.
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Night nighr

I think I'm going to bed soon now - going to read the Illuminatus book some more - good night everyone.
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