Nathan (pakaran) wrote,

Oh I didn't mention...

My life seems to be going to crap. My car has some kind of problem with the charging circuit that my dad says should be easy to fix - the problem is that as a college student, as opposed to an adult, I have no idea how to do things like actually giving a car to someone to fix without being ripped off.

That and my $600 computer managed to blow a $15 CPU fan - I caught it in time, but the fan in question is remarkably hard to find a replacement for, and what with the car issue I don't want to do any unnecessary driving to find a new one.

That and my current CSE 421 project requires the old project which I didn't finish to be finished, so now I have to finish the old one for zero credit, which is just plain dumb. However, there is no way to force a computer to run code that doesn't exist, and just kind of "skip over it". In math you can do that - we "assume this is true, and use it to show that." If computers could do the same, I'd save a lot of time... but my odds of getting a job out of school would be pretty low :).

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  • yawn

    Having a lazy day, should probably be working on my operating systems project but eh.

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