Nathan (pakaran) wrote,

Stupid recruiters

Ok, I'm at work and probably should be working, but I'm a volunteer so oh well. I saw this article, and had to post it. Before I post the link and get flamed, I realize that we owe a great deal to the military (starting with freedom). I admire all those who serve in the armed services (though in many cases I think the politicians are misusing them, and I can't say I support any war since WWII with the possible exception of Desert Storm).

If someone wants to serve in the armed forces, I admire the courage it takes to do that (and that's true even if they're doing it for the money, there's plenty of jobs that pay as well or better (eg data entry) that don't involve getting shot at). That said, because armed service has unique risks, I feel that recruiters should NOT be deceptive. Much less nearly abduct minors, as happened in this article. And they should be required to comply with "do not call list" laws, in the states where they exist. If parents don't want their children to serve, there should not be huge obstacles in preventing them from being mislead by recruiters. Article here.

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